Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yellow-throated Warbler

Our outing to the peninsula was well worth the time. We cut short the Pittsburgh Penguins game (they were losing bad)and headed out into the wonderful but short-lived sunshine. The loons were still on the bay as well as some Red Breasted Mergansers, Ruddy ducks, Buffleheads and Scaups.

We stopped off at the bird banding area not far from the office and only saw some woodpeckers. We then headed for Frys Landing and were surprised to see a butter butt and Golden-crowned Kinglets. Then we saw the Yellow Throated Warbler. This was a lifer for us. We've seen lots of different warblers in the past few years but not this one. I was pretty excited. I read that they are starting to move their range a little bit more north. The map shows them to go as far north as the Pittsburgh area. I don't have one of those great cameras with the big zoom lenses and focus but I was able to get a few pictures that you can at least tell what the bird is.