Wednesday, January 24, 2007

They Want To Fish Too Much

Today I was trying to plan our trip out to California and took down the calendar that was hung on the office wall. It was the Trout Unlimited 2007 Official Calendar. I'm counting the days, checking departure times writing everything down on the calendar so I'll have it at a glance.

I thought that I had to be really dense because I hand counted each day we were going to be there but the count didn't seem possible. Then I noticed that February ended on a Saturday and March started on a Thursday. Hey, wait a minute, that's not right!!

I hope someone didn't lose their job over this but that calendar has February as having 31 days instead of 28. Maybe someone at Trout Unlimited wanted an extra 3 days to fish. I could use a few extra, too, but I'd like it to be in a warmer month please.