Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tearful Partings

After a 6 week visit my sister flew back to California today. I had so much fun while she was here. We took several trips to Pittsburgh and back while she was working on the house she is restoring there. I went with her and her real estate agent in Pittsburgh to several houses for sale. I fell in love with those Victorian beauties!

We took Debbie (who doesn't like any kind of sports) to some hockey games at Mercyhurst, mens and womens, and she got hooked on hockey. She loves it. She loves it so much she bought a Mercyhurst ballcap and a Mercyhurst Hockey shirt. We also got her hooked on popcorn we flavor with Pam and popcorn flavorings. She's returning home a different person, ha.

When I got back from the airport today to my empty house I just cried and cried. Yes, we got all our space back but it looks bare without her things in it. While Debbie was here, she befriended our cats and they befriended her. She'd let the old cat sneak upstairs into her space to sleep. He was scratching on the door today but there is no one to let him in. He's going to miss her. We'll all miss her.

Thanks, Debbie, we had such a good time while you were here.

Halloween Costumes at Mercyhurst Hockey Game

The Mercyhurst Mens Hockey team lost to Connecticut saturday night (10/29/06) after a win on Friday to Connecticut. But everyone there was having such a good time anyway. The students showed up in Halloween costumes and gave us a good laugh. I caught a little of it on video.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween Trees -Don't Let Them Get You!!

I spent a few weeks In Jackson, CA in September and took some photos of "ancient" mountain oak trees on my sister's property. I put them together and using video effects made a Halloween video card.


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Monday, October 23, 2006

Sunday's Mercyhurst vs Dartmouth Womens Hockey

Mercyhurst Lady Lakers beat Dartmouth again!
Video highlights below.

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What You Missed Saturday - Womens Hockey-Videoblog

Mercyhurst Lady Lakers beats Dartmouth!
Some video highlights. Click below.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Scenes From Her Times 5K - videoblog

I wrote about my experience on Saturday of participating in the Her Times 5K Run/Walk. You can read it if you click - HERE -.

Click below for the video. Give a minute to load.

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Not Competing Made Me Competitive

Last Saturday was the Her Times 5K Run/Walk. I half-heartedly trained for it, mostly because I didn't want to come in last. I hate when that happens.

I entered just to do it, not to compete. I didn't list my age because "what difference does it make if you aren't competing in an age category, I just want to participate."

The night before the race I checked the weather forecast. Not good, not good at all. I decided not to go. My husband gave me a reminder that I entered and need to follow through. This is Erie, you do things regardless of the weather or you wouldn't do anything at all. Alright, then. I'll go.

Through thunder, wind, rain, sleet and snow the girls showed up in droves. I couldn't believe it. I shook so much I hardly was able to get any video to use in my videoblog. After warmups I lined up.....at the end of the line. My husband came for support and was at my side. The announcer said "go". What the heck? How long does it take everyone to get going and get out of my way? Finally the back of the line starts to go. Umbrellas swinging in the wind. Colorful and electric, actually. My competitive juices kicked in!

My husband reached down to tie his shoe or something and I looked for him but he was way back there. He waved me on. Ok, then but I wondered what I was going to think about for 5K with no one to talk to. Oh, he had my camera. No video during the race, drat.

I started out too fast. Yes, you can walk too fast. My shins were bucking. Shin bucking, a horse term..... fitting because I felt like an old horse.

I finally got to a sign on the side of the road that had a number 1 on it. I had worked out the burning shins and was feeling pretty good and started to increase my pace. I thought I had only gone 1K. Man, 4K to go? I hope I can make it.

I started passing people. I was surprised. Then I started thinking I could maybe catch the group in front of me if I jogged up to them and then slowed back to a walk. I hadn't jogged in years. I didn't know what would happen if I tried to jog. A few steps into it and I started smiling. I could jog, a few steps anyway. I suddenly was competing. My body felt good. I walked and jogged and passed several group of walkers.

Then I saw the sign that said 3. I better conserve my energy, I'm barely over half way. But I saw the finish line and the light came on that the signs were "miles" signs, not "K" signs. WhoooHooo!! I started jogging to the finish.

I saw a 48 minutes and something seconds as I crossed in front of the sign. Apparently that isn't your time until they take your tag off. I stopped after I crossed the sign and was looking under my rain gear for the tag that they rip off. A man came to my rescue and found my tag and ripped it off and took it. I now figure that the time is when they take your tag to the computer because my official result was 49: something. Now I know to keep going and get that tag off to the proper people.

Not listing my age came back to bite me. Computers being what they are has me listed as 99 years old because the computer has to have an age entered. The up side is that it lists me as first in the 98 to 99 age category, ha. No, I don't get an award but I did get my really nice Her Times T-shirt and a ribbon for completing the race.

In two weeks there is an endurance challenge where you compete against yourself put on by the Erie Runners Club. I think I'm going to try and beat my time and maybe go further, just to see what I can do. I'm overweight, old, but doggone it shopping and catching those commuter flights at the airports have put me into some kind of shape! It felt so good to compete that I think I'm hooked.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Finally, I Saw It In Person.

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Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Where's Linda? Clue one (pic)

I'm having a great time these past few days and thought I would share a few photos. Here is one photo that someone may recognize that isn't far from our hotel. Can you guess where this was taken? Click picture to enlarge.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Entered the Her Times 5k Run/Walk

Today I turned in my application for the race.

My training program for the Her Times 5K Run/Walk on October 14th took a turn south and west when I went to California and hasn't got back on track yet. I mean there is no way I'm going to pass up Mel's Diner's (Jackson, CA) hamburgers. It is part of my past and one of the highlights of visiting my family in California . Sure, I did try to moderate my consumption but that pretty much consisted of leaving one or two fries on my plate just so I felt good about not eating the whole thing.

I'm going to try and walk everyday until the race. I know I'll finish the race. I'm not competing, just having fun. I'd love to have Toni Kelly join me on the walk. You don't have to worry about keeping up to me as I'm not a very fast walker! I'm hoping my sister can join me, also, but her plans for that date aren't set yet.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Photo of the Waterspout From Presque Isle

We took a late afternoon walk on Presque Isle and as we admired the beautiful clouds over the cityscape we noticed the tail of a waterspout.