Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tearful Partings

After a 6 week visit my sister flew back to California today. I had so much fun while she was here. We took several trips to Pittsburgh and back while she was working on the house she is restoring there. I went with her and her real estate agent in Pittsburgh to several houses for sale. I fell in love with those Victorian beauties!

We took Debbie (who doesn't like any kind of sports) to some hockey games at Mercyhurst, mens and womens, and she got hooked on hockey. She loves it. She loves it so much she bought a Mercyhurst ballcap and a Mercyhurst Hockey shirt. We also got her hooked on popcorn we flavor with Pam and popcorn flavorings. She's returning home a different person, ha.

When I got back from the airport today to my empty house I just cried and cried. Yes, we got all our space back but it looks bare without her things in it. While Debbie was here, she befriended our cats and they befriended her. She'd let the old cat sneak upstairs into her space to sleep. He was scratching on the door today but there is no one to let him in. He's going to miss her. We'll all miss her.

Thanks, Debbie, we had such a good time while you were here.


Toni said...

Linda I know how you feel. After my sister and brothers left back in September when we spent the whole week together it was just empty around here. i go through it everytime my son comes to visit and then leaves.
I am so glad you got to spend this precious time with your sister. Ther will be more time spent together down the road.

Debbie said...

It was a sad day :(

I had the time of my life and can’t thank you both enough for not only putting me up in the best room of the house, but also for being the most incredible tour guides ever. Towards the end, I began to feel comfortable as though being there with you guys was the norm, and going home was like going to a foreign place. As it turns out, when I got home, the place did seem foreign as Gary made lots of changes while I was gone. His side of the story is he just “organized” everything.

I’m having withdrawals from our evening popcorn ritual being I haven’t had a chance yet to go to the store. I do miss your cats, especially Moose.

Thank you so much for helping me get my house livable. I enjoyed all the trips to Pittsburgh and the highlight was seeing the city from Mt. Washington at night. I also enjoyed our last day with Eric showing us several beautiful homes for sale and some fixer uppers.....poor rabbit.

Oh yeh, regarding hockey, Mercyhurst Women’s Hockey Team has a new fan! They rock!

I’ll be back!