Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween Trees -Don't Let Them Get You!!

I spent a few weeks In Jackson, CA in September and took some photos of "ancient" mountain oak trees on my sister's property. I put them together and using video effects made a Halloween video card.

Watch the Video


Toni said...

Linda I don't know who has the most itme on their hands you or me. hehehe
As i was watching your video my husband had to see what I was up to.
he feels I have to much time on my hands. I say not!
cute video

eriesargonaut said...

Thanks, Toni. I like making things when I have spare time, be it woodworking, painting, stained glass or video. I think it beats watching Desperate Housewives or soap operas and eating Ho Hos. :-) No, no, no, not too much time on our hands, we just use our own spare time productively, ha.