Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Clown Cat

Today was the last day giving our "formerly" sick cat his antibiotic. Every morning we trick him into coming and with our promise of extra caressing he comes and right in the middle of his twirling around for more he gets swooped up into my husband's arms. My fingers pry open his mouth and I drop in the formed piece containing the crushed antibiotic mixed in some soft cat food. Our hands immediately clamp down on his snout to keep him from using his tongue to spit out the terrible substance. A couple of throat movements later we let him go and he runs and hides under the chair. He fell for it every day. He's so trusting and it pains us to do it but like my mom used to say, "it's for your own good." But today, our last day, he ran out of the room when he saw the scenario unfolding. But we got it done and now he can relax. He will trust us again tomorrow and tomorrow we'll deserve his trust as there will be no more trickery.

He's back to being his old self, making us laugh, begging for food, starting fights with the other 2 cats. We saw a cat hat at the store the other day that I thought would really fit his personality but we wouldn't do that to him (unless we are taking photos of our little clown.)

Now it is a waiting game. If he has kidney stones, the infection will probably reappear. He gave us a real scare and I hope that is the end of it.


Mary C said...

Let's hope for the best. We lost one cat (our most loved and beloved) last summer. He was 12, and suffered from kidney failure. His sister also has compromised kidneys, and Heidi has to give Midnight fluids subcutaneously about every 5 days or so. She is also hyperthyroid, which means she's on Tapezole for the rest of her life. But 1/2 a tablet twice a day hasn't been too much trouble, except when she knows what we're doing and then she runs off for awhile.

Red said...

I'm so happy to read all the antibiotics are done for your favorite cat :) Both Mom & I sure know what you've been going through.

It's so much better when they are trusting and forgiving. I couldn't deal with it if Midnight weren't an angel with taking her Tapazole.