Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Penguins Were Whooped

The San Jose Sharks gave the Penguins a good kick in the behind last night winning 5 to 0.  OK, we had 5 of some of our best players out with injuries but still....I had to stop watching after the first 2 goals.  It was quite obvious the Penguins weren't into this game.  I checked back and it was 4 to 0 and then again at the end it was 5 to 0.  I hang my head in shame. Crosby, as great as he is, can't do it all by himself.


Mary C said...

Linda, the Sharks were in their best form that night. The Sharks seem to play their best when they play the best teams. Last night's game, the Sharks hosted the Nashville Predators, and their "performance" was certainly less than stellar. But they did figure out in the third period "how to win." ;o) They barely squeaked by 4-3 in front of the home crowd.

Eriesargonaut (Linda) said...

The Sharks look good. The Penguins went on to lose two more games. We don't get VS (some squabble with Direct TV) so we missed the Bruins game but Penguins lost so just as well. I like the Sharks and if the Penguins are out of it I'll be behind the Sharks and the Minnesota Wild.