Friday, August 13, 2010

Shooting Stars

I read in the Erie Times News yesterday that last evening, after 10PM and before 4AM, was suppose to be a show of shooting stars.  Just before bedtime my husband and I went out on the deck and peered up at our little sliver of night sky we can see between our house and all the neighbor houses.  It was a small window. We looked and watched and strained our necks.  Finally, after about 10 minutes, we saw ONE. We high-fived. Soon my neck couldn't take it any longer and we went inside satisfied we at least saw one.  It was the first one in about 6 or more years for me.  I guess I just don't look up much anymore. 

I returned outside at 2AM hoping to see a big show.  I sat in a chair on our deck and rested my head back on the house siding. I had my Zune playing a soft Bach into my earphones.  After a hot, humid and draining day the breeze was wisping my hair away from my head and releasing the built-up heat from the day.  It was awesome.  But no shooting stars.  Where were they?  All the city lights probably made them invisible. But just as nice was the cool breeze, soft music and seeing the silhouette of a hundred pears swaying on the pear tree against the night sky.

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