Thursday, June 01, 2006

How I'm Passing the Time Today (pic)

How many more layers of paint are there?

After almost 90 years the paint on the bottom layer of my bathroom woodwork is failing. Why couldn't it have failed with the previous owner? :-)

I'm using a semi-paste paint and epoxy stripper. It is too hot and humid to use the heat gun. I almost fainted from the heat when I tried it. It works good outdoors but I don't like it indoors. So I took out the "big guns", my strong paint stripper. The fumes are terrible even with the window open but I shut the door and let it work and come back and quickly try to remove another layer and put some more on. This is not fun, not fun at all. I did try the safe "peel away" paint stripper. It took overnight to do one layer of paint. I'd never get done at that rate. So I'm using the obnoxious stuff. The top layer came off easily in large strips, the old oil paint is a gooooey mess.

Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. This is going to get done eventually. I have floor to ceiling built-in drawers, a medicine cabinet and the window and half the door still left to do. I'm trying to whistle while I work. I'm reminding myself that I "love old houses".

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