Wednesday, May 31, 2006

McConnells Mill (pics)

My husband and I spent Saturday at McConnell's Mill State Park. It is somewhere on the way to Pittsburgh and on Slippery Rock Creek. It was so gorgeous there! We had never been there before and realized what a treasured area it is. There are hiking trails and the very pretty creek.

It is called Slippery Rock Creek for a reason and even though the oil isn't slicking the rocks anymore, the wetness and moss can prove too much for some hikers that just can't stay on the trail. A girl warned her two male buddies that the rocks are slippery, "be careful!" she warned. Then one of them started a downward, uncontrollable slide toward the raging creek. I thought he was a gonner but he managed to fall in where it was only about 3 ft deep. If you visit, you better have well behaved kids (or buddies, for that matter)that don't run around on the rocks, at least not when the creek is raging.

We saw two different wedding picture sessions taking place in front of the old mill. We saw butterflies congregating on the foot path. You can go inside the old mill and see the equipment and see how they used to operate the mill. You can cross the covered bridge and take different paths and hiking trails. We also drove around a bit and spotted a very interesting old cottage, or perhaps a livestock shed. It was very small about 5 ft high (maybe Hobbits used to live there :-).

A marine getting married at the old mill.

A small creek along the path that feeds into Slippery Rock Creek.

Some type of fungus growing on a dead tree stump.

Butterflies congregating on the foot path.

The McConnells Mill and dam.

The old stone building.

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Toni said...

Linda thanks for posting this. the pics are awesome. I never heard of this place and will have to ask Don if he has and make a trip there.