Friday, May 26, 2006

Spackle, Baltimore Orioles, Presque Isle

I have been awake since 4 this morning tossing and turning. I'm dreaming about electric wiring and GFIs, ha. I had to replace one in our bathroom and found it quite easy to do so I want to change out light fixtures and put in a switch and make sure it is all done to code so I have been researching and drawing out wiring diagrams. I came across some electric wiring horror stories in my research that would give anyone nightmares. I bought 2 portable GFIs for working with my power tools. Just having that makes me feel so much safer.

There was some bubbling up of some paint on the bathroom ceiling that I thought I'd just scrape off and paint over. It always snowballs! Under the paint were plaster cracks so this has turned into a 3 day job so far and my neck is killing me. Now I have decided to go ahead and use the heat gun and strip off the 90 year-old paint on the woodwork and just get this redone. There comes a time when you can't just keep painting over it. The surface is too uneven. So the front steps will have to wait.

My husband came home from work and found me on the ladder covered in spackle, sweating profusely as it always gets humid when I decide to do a project. He asked if I'd like a walk at Presque Isle. Who wouldn't? I did a quick change and off we went to the best walk of the year. Baltimore Orioles everywhere! Monarch butterflies swooping like kites in front of you. The sweet smell of spring flowers filled the air. We truly do have a treasure here in Erie.

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