Friday, May 12, 2006

Outdoor Art, Too Late for Inspire Me Thursday

Another Inspire Me Thursday that I didn't meet the deadline. Now it's Friday. The theme was faraway places and I planned on doing some outdoor art for my garden. I wanted it to look like a stained-glass window of trees. I had a stained glass pattern that I was going to use to make a real stained-glass window but I modified it for this painting. I thought of the Calaveras Big Trees in California. Giant redwood trees. You can't live in California for very long without going to see them. It is so peaceful there.

So, I have yet to get something on Inspire Me Thursday. I'll keep trying, though. I finished the painting part today and will put several coats of spar varnish on it and put it in an antique window frame and hang it in my garden. My garden's theme is somewhat shire-like, hobbit-like, and a bit whimsical. It is so small.

acrylic on masonite 20 x 22

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