Friday, May 19, 2006

My Boys, The Snowboarders

My boys sent me a picture plaque for Mother's Day they had taken at Christmas time at Bear Valley in California. (They are in the parking lot but there was plenty of snow up on the ski runs.) They are lucky enough to live close to 4 major ski resorts and decided to take advantage of it. They said they thought it was harder than skiing and didn't think I could do it. We'll see. I'd like to try it anyway. My kids are adults now but still do just about everything together as they are like best friends. But they do have separate interests, too. One just bought a jet ski and the other is buying an airplane (a real one). Oh no!

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Toni said...

I can't get over how much at times we seem to have in common. I have two boys and every year they get to gether for the nascar races. yet each has their own interests. What a wonderful mothers day present.

ps I'm trying to get caught up with blogs