Saturday, May 13, 2006

Walking Beaver, Flyfishing

We finally got some fishing in this past week. After my husband got home from work we twice ran out to Misery Bay and fly fished for whatever would bite. We just needed to get the rust out. Both days were sunny and windy but late in the afternoon/evening the wind wasn't bad there. It was so relaxing hearing all the beautiful birds chirping.

I waded out to about 3 feet of water and was fishing when I noticed a huge something working the water about 15 feet behind me. I thought it was a carp but then it stood up and walked on two legs out of the water and up the bank. I couldn't believe it! I have never seen a beaver walk like a penguin. Then he scratched his stomach on some reeds up the bank and returned to the water. He swam right in front of me and I could have touched him if I had reached out. You never know what you will see when you get out into nature. Oh, yah, my husband caught a couple of good-sized bass and lots of pumpkinseeds. I caught bluegill and pumpkinseeds mostly on small poppers made for flyfishing.

If anyone remembers when we got stuck in Pittsburgh about a month ago because our transmission wouldn't go into gear, well, the Subaru shop in Pittsburgh after having our car a week (we had to pay for a rental) told us the transmission fluid was low. Now I didn't argue but I knew it wasn't. We checked it. We had the transmission checked last year because it was sometimes acting up and that local shop told us they thought the screens just needed to be cleaned and they cleaned them. That wasn't it either. So here are all the "experts" trying to tell us there was nothing wrong with the transmission in our car. Sometimes it wouldn't shift from reverse to forward without a really long delay, a dangerous delay if you are backing out onto a busy street. We took it in to the local Subaru dealership and they said the transmission was bad. The labor to fix it would cost about the same as replacing it so we replaced it. The bill this past week reached over $4000 for a new transmission. So much for the experts.

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