Monday, August 28, 2006

I"m Splitting

I'm splitting my blog into 2 blogs. My posts regarding the restoration of my house will be located at This Old Erie House. It should be on the blogroll soon. It will also be part of a houseweb ring. Most of that blog will be video using

My personal and travel blog will remain with this one. I'll start using more video on this one, too.

I'll be splitting for California in a week and half. I'm so excited. All my sisters, my brother and my dad will all be together at the same time. That doesn't happen very often. I wish my husband would have been able to get off work to join me but it is his busy time.

Yes, I'm concerned about the terrorist threat and the recent commuter plane crash. Flying out of Erie I'll have to take one of those type of commuter planes to get to Atlanta before the flight heads to Sacramento, CA. But I am more concerned when I have to drive up Peach Street to get to Home Depot.

The best part is that my youngest sister (from Channel Island Harbor) is coming back with me to Erie. She has never been here before and I can't wait to show her Presque Isle, Cook Forest and Oil Creek. She'll be out here for 6 weeks but will be spending the greatest portion of her time in Pittsburgh as she bought an 1860s Victorian house that she will be renovating as a vacation home. I'll be helping her when I can. Maybe she will be helping me, too. : -)

Time is flying!

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Toni said...

Have fun in California!

All my sisters and brothers are coming in for the wedding. It's been a long time since we have all been together also