Monday, July 20, 2009

Yard Sale

I had a yard sale on Saturday. It was a lot of work for very little money. Not many showed up. I wrote about it on my GoErie This Old Erie House blog.

I just finished looking through my Twitter account. I don't go there much. I found some spam people following me so I blocked them. I'm not really into Twitter. But I did learn one thing today when I read a post by ErieAlerts put out by the police department. This is what one of their Tweets on July 16th said:
Self defense Tip: Keep a can of Wasp & Hornet Spray handy. Can shoot a stream more than 20 ft. into a attackers eyes. More on

Maybe it would work long enough to be able to run away and get help. You better hope so or that attacker will be mad as a hornet.


Rachel said...

Amen to that!! With my luck the darn thing would probably clog up and not spray at all. I'd just have to throw it at him!

I have never checked out Twitter yet. Keeping up with blogging is hard enough!

Red said...

Every couple of days I go through and block my spammers on Twitter. I find it amusing whenever I get a clump of new followers and I find the common thread is a keyword I hadn't used before. Yesterday i spoke of my car... got several car spammers immediately.

As for the spray... any kind of spray ought to work, but surely that stuff is nasty and will sting the eyes badly. It ought to disable them for you to run and get help. Even hairspray would do that... I remember a mistake or two from the 80s big hair days ;)