Friday, June 08, 2012

The Story of Jesse Demott-Marshall, Michigan

I came across Jesse DeMott in my search for members of my extended family. I find myself often going down the ancestral tree branches of families that some have married into but that has no blood relations.This person leads to that person and then you find a newspaper article and you read it and want to find out what happened. That's the case with Jesse. No blood relation and I can't find how he fits into the rest of the Demotts but I saw where he got married.
But then there is no record for him but I did find one for his new wife 2 years later at the age of 19 she was a servant for a family. That meant she was only about 17 when she married Jesse.  Finally I found an article about his wife filing for divorce because he was cruel. Ok, that explains why she had to be a servant for a family. This was in 1910. Then I found this account of what happened.
Now I need to see if I can find out what happens to both of them. I know she must live from the pneumonia because she is filing for divorce and because I found a record in the 1910 US census listing her as a servant for a family. Totally waste of time except it is like reading a book with a good plot and do you think that is a waste of time?

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