Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1521st AAF Base Unit Squadron E Hickam Field Hawaii WWII

A number of sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters are starting to really research into the relatives that served in WWII.  Some information comes hard to those of us that are looking into the 1521st AAF.  It is confusing because I find information that also lists SF as well as Hawaii and the unit served in the Pacific region. My dad is now 96 and has a great memory. However he is very hard of hearing so our phone conversations are limited. Next time I go out to CA I'm bringing along all the information that I want him to comment on and this time I'm video taping all his memories. He has told us some stories but I only remember bits and pieces. My dad has mentioned he was stationed in S.F bay area and he also was stationed in Hickam Field in Hawaii. Perhaps they were always on the move between the two. He was with crews that took the wounded from the war areas to hospitals in the US. He has talked about making all these stops taking the wounded to areas closer to their homes like Chicago. He also served in the Philippines which also adds to the confusion on my part. Hopefully I'll be able to shed some light onto his story which may help anyone else out there with relatives that serviced in the same unit. I have a photo I'm posting here which shows my dad and some others at Hickam Field in Hawaii.  Perhaps one of the others pictured is your relative. Let me know if you can identify one of the other guys. I'll check into it and if it seems to be the right person, I'll list it. Click on the photo below to enlarge it.
You know these guys?

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Anonymous said...

My mother was a Lt nurse at Hickam Field through entire war. She was nurse at Queen's hospital when Pearl was bombed, joined up...took care of ww1 ace Eddie rice backer and then she was given Legion of Merit with some other nurses (presented by General Hale).
I am looking for records since hers were destroyed in record fire in St. Louis storage depot.
I hope you find things you are interested in and if you stumble across things about Hickam hospital, nurses, Legion of Merit awardees, or now to find alternate official signal corps photos...etc please let me k ow if you can. Thanks, Karen Campbell boldadventurer@gmail.com