Monday, December 25, 2006

Fishing on Christmas Eve Day?

I wanted to get out of the house yesterday and asked my husband if we could go get some coffee at Starbucks and drive out to Walnut Creek to see if anyone was actually fishing. Starbucks appeared closed but I got to see the downtown area. The park looked nice with it's lights, not overdone. We found coffee elsewhere and drove past numerous blow-up decorations (so tacky!) as we headed out to Walnut Creek. Only a couple of cars were there. But this was about 4 o'clock so people probably left to get back to their families. The water was up and running good and it was fairly clear. We saw a guy with a fish on above the bridge as we were leaving. The weather makes me want to go fishing. It's nice, no snow, no ice. We went out onto the deck last night with no jackets and looked out at the stars. Stars are almost a rare site in Erie.

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