Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hockey Goalie Boogie( Video)

Sunday afternoon we decided to go watch the NCAA Division 1, ranked #1, Mercyhurst Womens Hockey at Mercyhurst College. Because it was somewhat last minute, I didn't have my camera fully charged. Knowing I had only a few shots I decided to concentrate on the Mercyhurst Goalie. It became clear that with only 9 shots on her goal, I would have to find something else to shoot which ended up being the goalie's moves when not saving goals. It was quite interesting how different goalies are. The goalie from Princeton rarely even moved except to save a goal. But Mercyhurst's goalie, Laura Hosier from Sharon, Ontario (Toronto Jr. Aeros) has a routine she goes through at almost every pause in play which makes for an interesting watch. Mercyhurst played an awesome game. I also have to say that the goalie from Princeton, Brittany Parisi, made a lot of magnificent saves. Mercyhurst won in overtime with a shot from Canadian Olympian, Meghan Agosta. version below, under that is version. version below.

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Anonymous said...

That was great! The music totally matched the goalie’s moves. Way to go Mercyhurst! And great job Linda with your awesome video abilities.