Saturday, September 17, 2005

For the Love of Hockey

  • You had to really love hockey (and I do) to enjoy the Otter's game last night at Tullio Arena. I know the game doesn't count, but aren't those players bidding for a placement on the team? I expected more effort and I was a bit disappointed, but still (as always) had a good time. The last time I followed the Otters closely was the year they won the Robertson Cup during their bid for the Memorial Cup. That team was fantastic, if only they could duplicate it. Perhaps they will get their act together this year. Hockey can be one of the most entertaining sports around when played well. One of the new changes that I found exciting last night was the tie-breaker shootouts. Even though the Otters lost, they did the shootout for practice. It's really going to be something to have an important tied game ended by the shootout. I can hear the crowd now.
  • In the first period of the Otter's game, we watched the snow cone guy walk around selling snow cones. (I'm thinking, "Snow cones here, get your snow cones!" )
  • In the second period, we saw the same guy walking around with the same snow cones but somewhat melted. (I'm thinking, "Slushies here, get your slushies!" )
  • By the third period this poor guy is still trying to sell those same snow cones (they must not be a hot-selling item). But they are so melted they look like Kool Aid in a pointed paper cup. (I'm thinking, "Ice cold flavored water here, get your cold flavored water!" )
  • Just a note...the peanuts we bought at the Otter's game are not very good, in my opinion. I think they taste green and even though they say, "salted" on it, I don't taste the salt. They taste the same every time we go to the Otters or Seawolves game. I think they would increase sales with a different brand.
  • GO OTTERS!!!

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