Tuesday, September 20, 2005

  • I hate being misled.
  • I hardly ever watch football. I like it OK but it requires too much time in between great plays. Often you sit there through the whole game and nothing of any consequence happens. Hike! Thud, grunt, end of play.
  • Every news channel yesterday was promoting this double header Monday Night Football featuring first, the New Orleans Saints. I heard about how this famous trumpet player, Irving Mayfield, was going to play America the Beautiful. Harry Connick Jr. and Branford Marsalis was going to do the National Anthem, how the former president was going to do the coin toss and the band, 3 Doors Down, was going to perform at halftime. Oh boy, some good entertainment.
  • The only thing I saw of all this was the coin toss from former President Bush. Now I like the former president OK but that isn't the part I wanted to see. They didn't start broadcasting until right before the coin toss. I didn't hear one bit of America the Beautiful or the National Anthem and didn't see anything of the half time show. All I heard was commentators. UGH! No thank you and when I realized the halftime show wasn't something I was going to get to see, either, I turned the channel. Maybe you had to have the NFL package or something to see the "extras". I only have basic network and the basic ESPN. The game started on ABC and then switched to ESPN.
  • I can't wait for the NHL season to start. Now that's entertainment!

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