Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bird House

Since last fall I have been keeping my eye out for a really colorful bird house. I see many generic-looking ones that have been painted by some foreign country's work force on an assembly line but I couldn't find something priced decent for some original-looking art. Michaels had a coupon sale last weekend and I went in and bought some art boards. I saw an unpainted pine bird house that looked nice and solid for $6.99. The last one I bought at a crafts store turned out to be made out of something like balsa wood. It sucked up any paint I put on it. (I may try again on that one).

I primed this bird house with gesso and spent a few hours this morning painting this bird house (I'm suppose to be out working on my garden but the birds are starting to nest and I need it now). I decided on plenty of shocking complementary colors and pure colors to really lighten up the garden. I'm hoping to attract some hummingbirds and maybe some orioles to my yard and feeders. So I painted the sides a bright cadmium orange. I used cobalt blue and Winsor violet on the edges (the picture makes the sides and edges look blue but it is purple.) Using the theme of children (or people) as flowers I painted the pictures. It may be gaudy and bright to some people but it is exactly what I was looking for when I was out shopping for bird houses.

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Toni said...

I need to this also. i cannot find one I like.
great job.

get your oriole and hummer feeders ready they need to go out in a couple of weeks.

gotta rush off to work so twill talk with you later