Monday, April 17, 2006

Stuck in Lodi?

No, been there, done that. Stuck in Pittsburgh? you betcha! Thursday we went to see the Carnegie Art Museum, go out to dinner and then to a Pittsburgh Penguins game. We had a great time. I love the art museum! For dinner we decided to walk over to a restaurant near the museum. We got to the Mellon Arena and had a great time watching the Penguins beat the Rangers. I love Jagr from the Rangers and Crosby is awesome from the Penguins. I was thrilled to see them play in person. Kevin Weeks was the goal tender on the Rangers team. He had a run-in with the maintenance guy during the period breaks when the zamboni cleans the crease. It was pretty funny.

Kevin Weeks lays his goalie stick on top of the goal net. The maintenance guy bends down to sweep up around the posts and stood up and hit his head on the end of the stick hanging over the net. He gives it a little push back. Kevin Weeks slowly reaches out and pulls his stick back into position a bit irritated but didn't do anything. At the next break the maintenance guy comes out and before you goes down to sweep the crease, he gives Kevin Weeks stick a good push and knocks it back behind the net. That made Kevin Weeks furious and he starts yelling at the maintenance guy who starts yelling back at him. Kevin Weeks skates out to the officials and starts complaining about this maintenance guy. The official goes over there the hear the story but the maintenance guy starts off the ice to the approving roar of the crowd. After all, Kevin Weeks is on the opposing team so anything to frustrate him the crowd loves. But really, you should never touch a goalie's stick. They have to have everything just so. They are superstitious, too. They go through specific routines and everything is placed perfectly how they want it. The crowd would be outraged had the maintenance guy done that to the Penguin goalie's stick.

Anyway, the crowd boo'ed every time Jagr touched the puck. It was a good-natured boo, though. The Penguins won the game, hoorah.

All happy that we had such a good day, we went out to our Subaru Outback to leave but the transmission wouldn't kick into drive. There was transmission fluid in it and it would go into reverse but not any forward gears. There we are stranded in the Mellon Arena parking lot to well past midnight. The tow truck driver drove us all over town looking for a Subaru dealership. He thought he knew where one was but it had turned into a Volvo dealership. Luckily, he didn't charge us for the 2 trips through the "tube tunnel" and drives across the bridges. We finally found a dealership on Shadyside/Bloomfield area, unloaded the car in their parking lot with a note on it at about 1 AM. The tow truck driver left. We walked with everything we came with until we came upon a Marriots hotel. Luckily it wasn't too far. They had a room open and we even got a "distressed" discount. The next day my husband went to the dealership. Because it Good Friday and Easter Weekend, the dealership said they couldn't even look at the car until Monday. So we rented a Jeep. We still don't know what is wrong with the car, how much it will cost or when it will be ready. But in the meantime we are enjoying the new Jeep we rented. There are some really good things we like about it and some things we don't.

We are in the market to replace my little Geo. It isn't big enough for me to haul my "renovation" materials in. I really want a Honda Odyssey. We'll see.

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