Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh, Boy, Pittsburgh

I'm excited. My husband came home from work yesterday and said he'll take a day off next week and we'll go to Pittsburgh. I'm really looking forward to getting out of this city (no offense, Erie, but sometimes you just have to get away from here.) We are going to the Carnegie Art Museum and then out to a nice dinner. I don't know where yet, we'll have to figure that out. When my husband went to Pitt he knew all the great places to eat but now that we are "salad people", we may have to skip those places and find the best salad in Pittsburgh. Any suggestions?

The Carnegie Art Museum has an exhibit called, The Impressionist Era: Works on Paper from the Collection. I look forward to seeing it.

We are spending our long vacation in Maine this year. We made our reservations at a bed and breakfast on the coast. I can't wait until I can sketch, paint and take pictures of the lobster and sail boats and rocky coastline. I need to practice painting rocks! They have some great art museums up there, too.

I have lived here almost 7 years and I haven't even made it to the local Erie Art Museum yet. We have gone a few times to find them closed. That seems to be a common happening with us. We tend to do things spur of the moment. We may be driving around and just decide, "Let's go to...." and many of the times the places are closed. We enjoy the drives anyway.

Last weekend we went out to buy a couple of salad bowls. I wanted those nice larger, wooden ones, because some of our meals are giant, delicious salads. Our search took us first to Waterford to that kitchen store. Closed. Oh, well. Maybe Campbell's Pottery would have some pretty ceramic ones. $30+ was too much to spend on a salad bowl even if it was gorgeous, so we left. The mall, Target, Pier 1 Imports and nothing. The one gadget store in the mall had a wooden bowl but it was too thick and heavy looking. I may have to order them online.

I am going to try to make it out to Elements in North East before the 17th of April to see Toni Kelly's artwork that is displayed there.

I almost finished my little boy painting that was on my last posting. I added the fishing pole which I'm really pleased with but the fishing line looks like a bright white line down the middle of the picture. Oh, oh. It isn't like I can paint it out because there are so many different colors behind it. Too bad, too, because it was a really nice straight line. I'll have to really take my time trying to tone it way down. They didn't have monofilament line back in the early 20th century that would catch the light like that. The photo looks like it was a piece of string.

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