Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Goodness, We're Still Renting a Car

Our car broke down Thursday night/Friday morning in Pittsburgh (Mellon Arena parking lot after the Penguin's game). The Subaru dealership still hasn't given us an estimate. My husband called them yesterday morning when we didn't hear from them, after all they have had our car for 5 days. They said they would get to it yesterday but we never heard back. My husband called later in the day and they didn't answer. We are renting a Jeep all this time and it is getting really expensive now plus the $100 hotel bill from staying over in Pittsburgh when we broke down. Perhaps they are partners or have stock in the car rental company they recommended to us. Maybe it would have been cheaper to tow it back to Erie but we figured they'd get to it by Monday but it is Wednesday and we don't even have an estimate.

I'm thinking about the money clicking away each day for that rental car. I could have bought 50 bird houses, or a great chandelier for the living room, a super dooper easel for painting, or that great hi-tech kitchen faucet that is way to extravagant to even wish for (the kind that can water your plants).

Well, I'm just thankful we broke down where we did and not in some dangerous place. Can you imagine getting caught in "the tube tunnel" in Pittsburgh? or stuck on one of the bridges, or out in the middle of nowhere where your cell phone doesn't even work in the middle of the night?

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Toni said...

Linda I sure hope you can get it fixed soon. This is really hurting the pocket book. We have AAA plus incase we break down somewhere. When my boys were home and in high school they drove old cars that always needed a jump or something. Finally my husband bought them both AAA memberships and they both used them well.
Kept Don from making emergency trips. ;)