Sunday, April 30, 2006

This Past Week

I accomplished quite a bit this week. I made shutters for my bedroom and am almost finished. All that is left is the painting and mounting them on the nailing strips I also made. I made a mounting board for 2 swing-arm lights that is now put up over our bed. We have been meaning to get those lights since we moved here and just never got to it before.

The weather was good enough to get out and get my landscape lights back up and running. A lot of the bulbs burned out during the winter and I just didn't feel like getting my hands cold replacing them back then. I had to buy 7 new bulbs, that adds up quickly!

Yesterday we took a break and my husband took me out on a drive to Westfield, NY. We went through the antique shops and an art gallery. They have a very nice art gallery with quite a good selection at a little shop called "Surroundings" there on the main street. We stopped and had lunch at a little cafe there in town and then bought a nice big antique frame. It was too big for my picture so I'll just have to paint one that fits because the frame is very old and very nice. I believe (I'm quite sure) it is carved walnut. It doesn't have any of that gesso decorations on it.

We stopped at the new rest stop (westbound) on 90 on the way back to Erie. It is beautiful. It has a gorgeous view of the lake with picnic tables and a vending machine area. The bathrooms are wonderful. It's almost all glass and just clean as a whistle!

This morning my husband was greeted at the bottom of the stairs by one of our cats. He was doing the "Lassie" thing. Running into the other room and back like he was telling him to follow him. He did and the cat showed him his prize. He ran to the prize and batted it a few times and would look up at my husband. Sure enough if that little rascal didn't catch a mouse. The first mouse we've seen in all the 6 years we have been here. The cats were congregated near the dishwasher for the past few days and my husband thought maybe there was a mouse because they all were watching the bottom of the dishwasher. But I said they'd be evidence somewhere (their little calling cards so to speak) and there wasn't any anywhere. But I was wrong.

What surprises me most is that little cat caught that mouse and he didn't even have claws. He's declawed and I figured without them they'd never be able to catch a mouse. What else surprised me was how proud that cat was. He was strutting around so proud of his himself. Then he sulked when my husband disposed of it. I'm glad he caught something finally because he chases a little red lazer light constantly and can't ever catch it, of couse. That has to be so frustrating to him but he still plays the game. My husband loves playing with him with the lazer light.

I suppose I'll have to get some sticky traps just to make sure we don't get another one. I don't want to use the poison with the cats around in case they catch a poisoned mouse that is half dead.

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