Wednesday, December 07, 2005

antique photo

Photo. I see some wheels of some kind of ice wagon? or early auto? behind the horse-drawn wagon.

Woman in gazebo.

Some kind of large advertising characters being unloaded?

Continuing from to yesterday

I think this photo is at a dock, perhaps one of Erie's? I see what looks like masts or cranes to off-load goods. On the left side of the photo is a life preserver (white with a cross on it). There seems to be broken ice and some open water in the middle of the picture. There are tufts of steam from something that could be a train engine or tractor behind the railing or fence in the background. I see what looks like very large tents in the field in the background. On the dock there seems to be some large wooden "caricatures" hanging from a framework (I highlighted these). It looks like a woman with a scarf and bow tied on her head and then I see what looks like a pirates head. (My imagination is going wild here.) I'm beginning to think a circus or carnival was coming to town. In the winter?

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