Monday, December 26, 2005

So Merry, So Bright

The new antibiotic kicked in on Christmas Eve day and I only had a few bad hours and it has gotten better since. Today I barely have any pain at all. Phew!!! That was one long painful stretch. I'm back to almost normal and feeling great.

I got to spend Christmas Day with my wonderful in-laws. I read the horrors of in-laws from some of the other bloggers and that is a shame. I got lucky.

Now I'm playing with my new cell phone. It has everything and I've learned to use just about everything (camera, video, voice recording, voice recognition, flash, alarm, notebook, speakerphone, etc) except answering the phone while I'm driving in the dark. I couldn't get it out of my purse in a timely manner and I couldn't figure out the buttons in the dark so I waited until I got to my destination and answered the call in person (I guess you'd call that "old-time technology"). This one is so different than my last one but I'm so impressed with it. My last one was an LG and I couldn't call from my house. I couldn't get enough signal. With my new Motorola 815 and still with the same Verizon service contract, I get a great signal in my house, so it has to be the quality of the phone.

I also got a wireless lazer mouse that even magnifies. I can't believe we didn't get one sooner. You don't realize you are behind the times until you upgrade and see the difference.

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