Saturday, December 31, 2005

My 2005 Most Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment of 2005 came while I was in Disney World with my husband. I saw the race car ride and wanted to go on it. My husband didn't want to go on it because it was in the kids section. But I went on the ride in Disneyland in California and they went pretty fast, I recalled.

We stood in line in the very hot sun for 45 minutes to an hour waiting to get our turn. We could hear the car's engines and they sounded pretty fast. I saw other adults in line. I did notice as we got closer and could see the cars that there were some pretty small kids in them on their own as they pulled out of the loading area.

Then it was our turn, thank goodness, because I was so sweaty and the thought of the breeze blowing through my hair.....

The girl told me "no bumping or crashing into the other cars." OK, I won't. Then I stepped on the gas. My husband was getting loaded into another car behind me. I'm stepping hard on the gas and it just wasn't going more than about 1 mile per hour. Darn it, my car is broken! I noticed there was a rail that the car was following. What the heck was this? You mean that was it? I looked around and saw the other cars were making lots of noise but not going anywhere, either. How in the heck would you bump into another car anyway going this slow, was she making a joke? I felt so stupid going around the track at 1 mile per hour. I felt even more embarrassed that I convinced my husband to go, too. He was behind me in a car.

As we pulled up to dismount from our cars I sheepishly tried not to make eye contact with the adults in line which were there to go with their children. I can only imagine how my husband felt like going around that track at 1 mph. I apologized to him for wasting an hour and making him ride in a "toy" car and he was a good sport but I fear I'll get the "remember that time in Disney World .....

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