Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Behind The Mantle Christmas Card and Pic

This is a Christmas card we found behind the mantle of our old house when we look the mantle off the wall to refinish it. Inside the card was a very small picture. I don't know what the scene is or if it is local. I enlarged the photo 400 percent and saw that in the bandstand was a women with a large hat. There appears to be an officer of some sort (police, navy etc.) walking near the wagon and in the distance are lots of people dressed up in suits and top hats leaning over a railing. In the wagon, the person appears to be a woman with a bustle and large hat. It appears something important was going on in this picture. This is a very early photo. Does anyone recognize the setting? Inside the card that the picture was found was the name LORNE LANE CASKEY, but not signed.

My husband thinks the picture is of a race track. There is a white two-rail fence that looks like it surrounds an infield. I'll try to post the enlarged picture on my website tomorrow and leave a link to it. I wonder if Erie had a race track back in the 1890's (my estimate of the picture).


Toni said...

I'm wondering if maybe that is the Erie County Fair Grounds in Wattsburg. they have race track.

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Tom Mayer said...

I like such old pictures indeed. My parents have been collecting various pics since 1961. It is so nice to view them in long evening.