Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dashing Through The Snow, No Way

  • I won't drive my Geo out on the roads when there is snow. I got stuck out in the middle of Peach street a couple of years ago at the left turn signal light to go to Walmart. It is on an uphill slant and there I was, spinning my tires trying to get through the intersection when it just wouldn't get traction. I had cars honking, the light had turned, it was a nightmare.
  • It was my car I kept from California, and it still runs well. It gets about 200 miles put on it a year, pretty much summer miles. I only drive it on Sundays, ha. Actually, I only drive it when I go to the dentist or doctor or if there is really something I want at the store that can't wait. Otherwise, my husband drives me around in his car. He likes driving. It works out well as he grew up here in Erie and knows how to drive in this snow. I'm like an old dog trying to learn new tricks. I learned to drive in the Central Valley fog and I can drive in the fog without blinking an eye but I'm terrified of snow and ice.

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