Saturday, February 18, 2006

Egg Whites the Key?

I'm finding substitutions the key to me losing weight. I just can't go hungry, I'm not made that way. I'm trying to find something I like for breakfast other than just 1/2 cup oatmeal with no milk. I tried egg whites to make my omelets but they lack texture and they don't fill me up. (I'm not talking about "Better Than Eggs" which I can't eat they are so bad. But the little carton that you buy that is real egg whites.) So I compromised. I use one whole egg and the rest egg whites in the mixture and it tastes really close to normal. I add a tablespoon of real bacon bits I buy already made into tiny pieces. I sprinkle about a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese on top and fry it with Pam like an omelet. It's good just like that but add sugar free maple syrup (about 6 calories to cover my omelet) and I'm surprised how good it is. It reminds me of a bacon waffle. Better to say it has the "essence" of a waffle. But it is good enough to make me look forward to it in the morning even if I wasn't trying to lose weight.

I have tried using the lettuce leaves instead of bread to make my turkey hamburgers. It tastes really good but it is hard to keep the mustard, pickles and tomato from falling out. So I have this great idea to try and make an egg white thin omelet to act like a tortilla (in shape only as there is no way it will taste like a tortilla). I could use this to hold my hamburger together without adding a bunch of calories.
UPDATE: Fried egg whites didn't work as a bun. Too rubbery, didn't taste good.

I'm making the turkey burgers for lunch today and I'll try it.

I'm down 15.5 pounds now and it wasn't hard, in fact I'm loving what I'm cooking but it does take a long time to prepare. I use lots of mushrooms and sauteed onions with our vegetables to fill us up. When we go out we order salads. We are comparing salads at several restaurants. So far we haven't come across a good salad that can beat the Grilled Chicken Salad at the Texas Roadhouse. We love it. We did go to Applebees and I had their French Onion Soup (150 calories) and their Mesquite Chicken Salad (250 calories). They both were good. I didn't even know they had a Weight Watchers section to their menu or I would have gone there sooner. We aren't on Weight Watchers but I'm sure we are eating similar to it.

As soon as the weather permits we will be back on the peninsula with our inline skates. I hope it is like riding a bike in that you never forget how to do it.

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