Thursday, February 23, 2006

Olympic Inspired Painting (pic)

I'm going to watch the Olympics no matter what so what better thing to do while I'm wasting this time than to learn to paint. The mountains are so pretty in Italy that I decided to do a mountain picture. It took about 3 days to paint with acrlyics but I'm pretty happy with it. Then last night I started on a portrait-type painting of a little girl that I sketched. I'm pretty much just winging it on technique etc. I'll have to stop and learn a bit more about glazes before proceeding. It is really hard to take a good picture of a painting. I wonder how the experts do it.

After I put a wash on the sketch almost all my sketch was gone and I'm having to look at the pictures of I took of the sketch.

A long way to go.


Toni said...

Linda, the landscape looks fantastic. you have a great start with the little girl. have you finished it yet? this week I worked with acrylics. because i am not used to them i found them harder than watercolor.

eriesargonaut said...

I just changed her to holding a teapot and if I get it done in time I'm going to post it as my first Illustration Friday. I find acrylics really hard. I bought the stuff to delay drying but it still dries before I can blend it. I'm finding I have to work fast in one area at a time but it is hard to get any unity of color that way. I can't wait to take lessons when they start up again or maybe even at one of the colleges.