Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Olympics Observations

Some of my Olympic Observations
  • Do you notice that after someone from another country wins a medal they can talk to the media with pretty good English. How many USA athletes speak good English let alone a second language good enough to do an interview?
  • We truly have some of the "Biggest Losers". So much pressure to live up to their hyped potential makes them fall apart? Some deny it was their fault and blame others.
  • It has been a while since we had such a media circus ie. Shani Davis vs the USA team. The last time was Tonya Harding? Silly Americans.
  • But there are some true sports persons there in Italy. Sasha was one of my least favorite skaters at the last Olympics. I couldn't stand her. She acted like a spoiled arrogant brat. But she has failed and learned and matured and I'm rooting for her this time. Some more heros, Vonetta Flowers in bob sled.
  • If you followed Mercyhurst womans hockey in the past few years you'd hear the familiar names on the TV coverage of woman's hockey at the Olympics. Several of those Olympic players from different countries have played against Mercyhurst here in Erie. They represent other countries but many play for colleges in the US.
  • Then there is the US hockey girl who made the US team at the last Olympics but was cut from the team after her father was killed in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. She made it this time and they won a bronze medal.
  • Thank goodness for the snow boarders and those aerial "hotdoggers". Some may not like the addition of these events to the Olympics but with each generation things change. I thought it was very entertaining. Actually my favorite next to the figure skaters.
  • Can we do with less curling?

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Toni said...

My husband and I loved watching the snowboarders. they were awesome!
As for curling Don loves it but has missed seeing the curling ;( .