Sunday, February 19, 2006

My 2nd Attempt at Painting with Acrylics (pic)

I'm planning on decorating my 1/2 bath with an art deco theme. That's why I decided to try and paint a picture that looks like an art deco poster I found on the internet. I don't smoke or advocate it but thought the colors and look was of the era I'm trying to decorate in and I thought the chair looked so comfortable! I made a rookie mistake on the size. If I put the frame on the picture it cuts off her head and part of her shoes. Well, I'll figure out something. I'm finding acrylics pretty hard to work with. I've been reading quite a bit on colors and composition so I'm hoping my next painting will be a landscape. I brought home about 10 books from the library about color theory, composition, brush strokes, etc. I'll keep at it. I'll start practicing on painting the look of fabric. I couldn't get it right. Plus, there seems to be only one leg and foot on the picture but I suppose you just assume there are two, ha.


Toni said...

Linda , Linda, I'm on a news feeder now for reading blogs so have been reading yours but just haven't had time to come over and comment. This is a great start and it deffinately looks like art deco. I love going to the library for research books on painting or looking for subject matter.

Now for my surprise! one thing about a newsreader is you don't get to see the whole blog so I was in awe when I saw your new avatar!!!! Love the pic of you.

anne said...

Hi Linda, love your painting. Stick with acrylics if you can as they're great when you're starting out as it's so easy to paint over your mistakes, believe me I know! I would really try and get to a painting class as you can only really learn by doing rather than from books, plus you'll meet some great people (artists rule!)