Wednesday, March 29, 2006

From Bended to Mended: New Life to an Old Sole

Subject....wading boot. Felt bottom flopping and kept tearing loose after gluing.
Fix....polyurethane glue, ie Elmers Ultimate Glue.

How I did it. I pulled the sole off and cleaned it well with alcohol. When it was dry from the alcohol cleaning (just in case it would interact with the glue) I dampened both gluing surfaces because polyurethane glue needs moisture to cure. I applied the glue liberally and replaced the sole. I wrapped it in Saran Wrap so I could handle it without getting glue on my hands. Then I used twine and wrapped the boot tight to hold the sole tight. I clamped it down all around to make sure it held tight. The glue expands and "foams" up. When it cures you tear off the Saran Wrap can trim the excess glue that comes out off with a razor. It may not look real pretty but it has held for a year and gives no indication that it is loosening.

The other boot finally gave way so I just fixed it in anticipation of the up coming fishing season. I think there is no end to how long they will last.

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