Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Paid the Price

I was pretty depressed when I got back to Erie. I had caught a bad cold, it was raining and when I weighed myself I had gained 3 pounds indulging in things I wasn't suppose to eat. A whole week of work-outs and dieting down the tubes.

Yesterday was sunny (which makes me happy) and I worked out even though I was sick. I only did 3 10-minute rounds (with 5 minutes between them to rest) on the elliptical machine so I wouldn't breathe very hard and start coughing. It felt good. This morning I lost one of the pounds I gained on vacation and now I'm back in good spirits. I've lost a total of 19 pounds. It should be more but you pay the price for not having will power.

My 3 cats are very interested in the windows as they are starting to see birds flying around. There are kitty nose prints on the windows now. Spring is in the air.

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