Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Internet/technology STRESS!

Our ATM cards didn't work. We thought maybe the metal strip was bad? Two days later our bank calls and tells us our card has been blocked with many others in that pin number scam involving Office Max (I don't know if it is proven it was them with the security breach, but fingers are pointing) The bank let us dangle for two days not letting us know our cards wouldn't work before calling us. We were left out to dry without working ATM cards for a couple of days until the new ones were being mailed to us. They should have called immediately. Good thing we weren't stranded somewhere trying to get gas.

I went online to check our account a few days later just to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. The bank balances were off on my personal account not related to the account with above scam and they had wrong entries with wrong dates listed. They acknowledged the problem in a red memo on the page and they were working on it. What's going on here?

Blogger was having terrible problems and you couldn't view blogs or upload pictures etc off and on. Then Flickr had what they called "hiccups" and were working on the problem. It seemed like nothing on the internet was working. Then the blog counter site had problems and said my password was wrong but it wasn't. And I would have known that (they emailed about the problem) had I been able to connect to my email but of course, at the moment our email doesn't work through Verizon. It won't connect from your home computer. You have to go online to access your account and then the email. Is there a full moon or something? What is happening this past week? The stress of not being able to send emails, upload blog/pictures, check my bank account and not have access to my bank account's money has made my blood pressure soar.

Sunday I started getting stupid text messages saying "U want2hang tonight?". Obviously a phishing or an advertising scheme. I hope that illegal and they get caught. I got 3 of them in about 12 hours at odd times of the day and did a reverse look-up to see where it was coming from. It is coming from a Dobson Cell company which I believe is Cellular One. Probably somebody with an account there. I called Verizon and had my text message function disabled. I never used it anyway and I'm tired of hearing the beeping when that dumb message comes in.

I'm trying to remember how simple life used to be.

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ron said...

when it rains, it pours... it'll get better though.