Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Time to Fish

I'm champing at the bit to go fishing. I'm sure we'll have our fishing licenses by the end of the week and most likely will be going to Oil Creek this weekend. According to the best source there is on Oil Creek, in my humble opinion (Mike from Oil Creek Outfitters), the water is clear and low and with the weather warming the fish should be active. He is a great source as to what fly to use. We rarely get skunked following his advice. Trout season isn't officially open but you can fish certain special regulations areas. Check your fishing regulations to make sure you are in the areas that you are allowed to fish.

My husband and I have been walking through the house air-fly casting, or maybe you could call it shadow casting. Pretending to be casting with our fly rods (similar to air guitar). We can't help it, it's in our blood. The sun shining and warmer temperatures has awoken the fishing beast in us. Oh, that would have been a good idea for IllustrationFriday.com whose subject this week is "monster".


ron said...

there was a guy fishing for perch in the bay (near perry's landing) last night at sunset... would of made for a great picture had he not been so unapproachable and grumpy.

Toni said...

Oh Linda, Don beat you to it. He went fishing on Sunday witha buddy at Oil Creek. he said the fishing was not good. Some other friends went fishing near Kinzu Dam and they had a great fishing day. He had a chance to go with them but chose Oil Creek.
I can just picture you going around the house shadow casting.
BTW you know that fashion fish you did? you should make a t-shirt out of it. ;-)