Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Horse Lover That I AM

I love horses, always have, always will. In high school, every report was about my horse. We were inseparable. Once my teacher asked me to write about something else, not that he didn't appreciate the horse stories. I slept in the stall with my horse at the county fairs, I rode just about every day across the fields in Jackson, CA and I showed every weekend there was one in the region.

Things are different now, I don't have a horse, but I still get emotional when I see a gorgeous horse in a field or racetrack or movie.

I didn't get a chance to see the movie, Dreamer, when it was in the theaters, so when my husband rented it for me yesterday I was excited. I loved Sea Biscuit so I knew I'd love this one. Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning are some of my favorites and it was a nice movie and I did tear up when I saw the interaction between the girl and her horse.

I thought it was strange that I hadn't recognized the name of the horse in the movie. It was advertised as being based on a true story. The extra features explained things a bit differently. That was as loosely based on a true story as anything could be. Just about every movie would qualify as based on a true story if they used that criteria. I was disappointed. There wasn't even a horse by that name. It's all made up except that there was a horse once that ran again after breaking a leg.

But I'm still a sucker for horse stories. I'll still cry when I see a horse run in slow motion. Just as I do when I see a happy/sad dog, cat or rabbit story.

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