Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A&W, Vintage Hawaiian Shirt, Treasures in the Closet

  • We're on vacation. Our plans are no plans at all. Whatever, whenever.

  • My husband has already cleaned out his closet, getting rid of old shoes and out-dated clothing. He went through boxes of old books and got rid of them, too.

  • I watched in envy as he organized his closet. I couldn't even get into mine. I have to reach over bags and boxes just to reach the pull switch for my closet light.

  • While I was running my bath water I thought I'd check my closet to see if there was anything in the spur of the moment that I could include in his pile of stuff to go to fill the car for places unknown. A blouse with the tags still on it, goes (it didn't fit)...the pair of pants, a skirt, those clunky shoes....can go.

  • I shut the bath water off. Back to the closet for a few more things I saw that could go. This and that, that and this.....the pile was growing and growing. It was clear to see I was on a roll and that I shouldn't stop.

  • I was suppose to be getting ready to go with my husband to drop off his pile of stuff and go shopping. He came upstairs to see what was taking me so long and looked....happy, dismayed? I'm not sure. I had a huge pile of clothes stacked up. He said my bath water was cold.

  • We decided he should take what he could fit of my stuff into the car and go ahead without me and I'd be ready when he got home. I was still "purging" when he got back. I couldn't stop. He took a whole 'nother car load of my stuff yesterday. I can walk into my closet, turn around and dance!

  • Good things come from getting organized. I found the vest of my old A&W carhop outfit. What happened to the pants and blouse I don't know. Ahhh...the memories... Hey, that was hard work!

  • I came across my dad's vintage hawaiian shirt that my sister rescued from my dad's closet years ago. I was going to display it in a shadow box as a tribute to that 60's era. How could I forget about that?

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