Monday, October 10, 2005

Trials and Tribulations of Home Repair 1

  • I think I will start a new segment on the trials and tribulations of home repair as I seem to becoming an expert at it. (not of home repair but of Murphy's law)
  • I thought I was so far ahead of the game of being ready for winter that I was becoming a bit smug about it.

  • Then I went out on the porch. Dog gone it! The nice white top of my freshly-painted porch side railing was covered with little insect corpses with their tiny legs stuck in the paint. If you want an insect-attractant, just try painting something white. I tried to brush one off and it left a red streak across the now dried paint. I'll wait until a sunny day , if one ever comes, and then try to lightly brush them off with a soft brush, trying not to squash any in the process and maybe I won't have to repaint it.

  • My husband came in from getting the mail in the rain and mentioned to me that the front stairs were "bubbling up". NO! They can't. I prepped them perfectly and followed all the right techniques of painting and they had plenty of time to dry before the rain. Again, I'll have to wait until a sunny day and do it over.

  • Though the mud porch door paint job turned out pretty good, the color dried too glossy. Again, I'll wait until a sunny day....perhaps again this year I'll be drying paint with the blow dryer while the snow if falling after all.

  • The worst part is the embarrassment of knowing the neighbors are probably going to get a good snicker out of seeing me redo all of this.

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