Monday, October 31, 2005

The Last Fishing Days of Oil Creek

  • My husband and I decided to not be a part of the steelhead madness at Walnut Creek and opted to go to where nature still rules, Oil Creek. I was a bit disappointed that so many people were there. I figured it would be too cold for most fishermen or that most that didn't mind the cold were up steelhead fishing.

  • But we found a spot and I was prepared this time. I've learned from past fall-fishing days not to underdress. I layered clothing until I looked like a Sumo wrestler. I barely could get my wader bib up around my chest. Inside my pockets I had those packaged hand warmers. So toasty! I purchased $2.99 shoe warmers for my feet. I explained to my husband while at the store, that if you spend all that money on gas and flies, it only makes sense to spend the extra $2.99 so as not to want to go home early because of cold feet.

  • I had no luck with wooly buggers. My toasty feet were starting to get numb from coldness.

  • I switched to a blue and white streamer with a silver cap on it that we bought at Oil Creek Outfitters. Bam!! I caught a really nice rainbow.

  • I caught three nice rainbows in about 1/2 hour and then the action stopped. I think I fished the hole out but I didn't want to move because my feet were getting really cold. So why wasn't my feet staying warm?, I wondered.

  • I don't like to use the word skunked but I guess it fits. My husband got skunked, not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • We decided to call it a day, my feet were so cold! As I undressed the cause of my cold feet became evident. I had put the warmers inside the wading shoes but to the outside of the waders. They were sopping wet. Dah!!!

  • Maybe with some new warmers and a break in the weather we can fit another weekend of fishing in at Oil Creek before it gets too cold.

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