Wednesday, October 05, 2005

How Not to Spackle

  • My spackle job turned out pretty bad because I had to use a spatula with a long handle to reach the stairwell ceiling (I guess I have incredibly short arms). After I made a big deal about how I can't reach the ceiling and can't use a ladder on the steps, my husband comes out with. "I can reach the ceiling, easy."
  • So, my wonderful, very tall husband volunteered and gave up a day of his weekend to sand it for me. I decided to give him the orbital palm sander that orbits and spins in a circle to make it a bit easier. He did a fabulous job.
  • I knew ahead of time the result of using an electric sander on spackle. (I've been through it before and swore never to do it again but this was kind of an emergency.) The whole house is still full of fine white silt that has finally settled...everywhere. Every piece of furniture, fixture, book, every shelf, every nook and cranny in the house has a film of powder that is like fine baby powder. I have a couple of plaster patches yet to make and then comes a complete fall cleaning.
  • DRAT! Luckily, I now have Swiffers.

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