Thursday, October 06, 2005

Woohoo! Done Before the Snow Flies

  • Not quite done but will be. I'm close to finishing up all painting on the exterior doors, porch floors, railings and pillars. I even repaired the front stairs and have them painted.

  • In prior years, you would see me on a ladder still painting outside as the sleet and snow flies, using a blow dryer so the paint dries enough so it doesn't get washed away (it works, but an electrical hazard). I even had people walking and driving by that have had yelled comments on this practice. I have a history of waiting until the last minute. In years prior I just hadn't adjusted to the fact winter sets in about 3 months earlier than California. This year, I can't explain it, other than I think I've got it. I live in ERIE, I've run out of time, get with it!!

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