Saturday, October 22, 2005

Memories vs Mercyhurst Womens Hockey

  • I have vivid memories of my Dad coaching boys high school basketball in Minnesota when I was very young. My sisters and I were the only kids other than the team to be allowed on the court. We stayed off to the other end of the court and shot baskets while my Dad coached. I felt special.

  • My dad also was the announcer for our home high school football games in Minnesota. I remember it being so very cold outside. The wind would always seem to be whipping the snow into our faces and when I got too cold, I'd climb the stairs of the schoolhouse and follow the hallway tracking snow to the second story room my dad was announcing from, it overlooked the football field. There was hot chocolate. Again, other kids weren't allowed and I loved it. "Go, BlueJays, Go!", I'd yell out the window away from the microphone.

  • You move away but you always root for your home team even when you have moved away to live in California or Pennsylvania. Go Vikings!, Go Twins!, go Minnesota Gophers!

  • I have the Minnesota Golden Gophers hockey jersey in my closet, waiting for a chance to wear it.

  • My husband and I are fans of women's hockey. I especially love watching and rooting for Mercyhurst Womens Hockey (I'm not Catholic and I have no ties to the college but love the caliber of hockey there). Last night they played the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. That was my chance to wear my jersey, but how could I? I'm rooting for Mercyhurst or was I?

  • We were surrounded by Minnesotans at the game. They were everywhere, they showed up in force. They are real chatterboxes and they say things funny, kind of like the Canadians do. Take the word, Minnesota, they say that funny. I say that funny. I learned to talk in Minnesota and decades later I can't shake that funny ooooo sound in Minnesota.

  • I was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde during the game. I was sad Mercyhurst lost, but happy Minnesota won.

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