Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mercyhurst Women's Hockey Rocks

  • There is no charge to watch the Mercyhurst Women's Hockey team play, not even at the Tullio Arena where they played yesterday and today because of ice problems at their arena.
  • After losing yesterday to Minnesota State Mankato, the Mercyhurst Women's Hockey team came back strong today to beat Minnesota State 4 to 2.
  • These girls are tough and the game gets rough. One girl from Minnesota left the ice with what looked like a dislocated shoulder after a hard hit.
  • Mercyhurst's goalie, Laura Hosier, treated us to the only time I've ever witnessed a perfect split done in full uniform, blocking the net toe to toe. I don't know how she can do a flat-out, on-the-ice splits with all that gear on. And she just pops back up without any effort. These girls are true athletes and they played their hearts out.

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