Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Amish, What Do They Do In The Winter?

  • On our Sunday afternoon trip to Oil Creek we passed several Amish horses and buggies traveling down the road. We figured they were coming home from church services as it was about 1:30 in the afternoon. As we continued, we saw another one turn onto the main road from a gravel road that we believe goes to Spartanburg.

  • The shoulder of the road we were on was very narrow and the cars were passing so close to the horses and buggies. How scary that would be worrying about the cars and on top of that, they must also worry about the horses. Horses are unpredictable and these were no cloddy work horses. These were pretty,well-groomed, energetic, high-stepping horses.... a site to behold.

  • It must be hard for the Amish to try and live a seperate life with cars whizzing by and goverment regulations on their backs.

  • I've always wondered, what do the Amish do in the winter? The sides of the roads are filled with plowed snow. It is next to impossible to ride a bike in the ice and snow (though I have seen two guys do it on some of the coldest, snowiest days going up Peach Street) so I assume it would be very difficult to maneuver a buggy. Do they still use their buggies to get around or just ride the horses?


Toni said...

I love reading about your fishing trips.
I'll have to show my husband one of these days
Lately we are like two ships passing in the night

eriesargonaut said...

Thanks, Toni. I love seeing your postings. Your posts are the first ones I go to when I get on the computer.
Follow-up about this post...My husband informed me that there are such things as sleighs. I forgot about that. I just have never seen one anywhere in use. I need to get out more often in the winter, I tend to hibernate.