Thursday, November 17, 2005

My New Steam Machine

  • My new Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner arrived yesterday by UPS. It came in a smaller box than I had anticipated which is bad news because I know that means I'm going to have to be a mechanic and put the stupid thing together.

  • Being it is snowing like crazy outside, I figured it a good time to take a peek and see what I've got in there. The big box contained one large part and several smaller boxes full of parts, well that's gonna be fun.

  • I unloaded the big box and now I have a whole corner of my carpet full of parts. I decided I'd come back to it. When I came back into the room there were our three cats all sitting there trying to decide if that parts mess on the carpet was friend or foe.

  • They better believe it is their friend because they are the reason I purchased the thing in the first place. I adore our cats, they are part of the family but they hack and they seem to do it on the carpet instead of the easier-to-clean flooring, the little....**8@# sweethearts.

  • But really the reason I bought it was because my plans to replace the kitchen carpet with stone tile and the removal of the bedroom carpet to show off the wood floors has fallen way behind schedule. My 2-year plan has become what looks more like an 8-year plan to finish my house. (I blame part of that on my addiction to fishing.) I have put off cleaning the carpets this past year because I was going to rip it out.

  • So now the cats can sleep on the couch which was off limits before though I'm sure they were on it when we weren't looking. This machine has an upholstery attachment to take care of any "problem" they may have up there.

  • I'll let you know, when I get around to using this machine, if it works well or not. What's the odds it will work like advertised?

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Toni said...

Linda I know what you mean by a 2 year plan turning into a 8 year plan.
That is what happened here. After 8 years I finally got the kitchen carpet tore out.
And because Don loves to fly fish also things don't get done very fast.
Glad to know I am not the only one. ;)
Off to Delaware so will post when I get back.
Have great weekend